What a miracle it is to see your grandbaby being born. It’s amazing how other people’s pregnancies seem to go so fast, but I’m pretty sure this one was at least a year long. Her due date came and went with no sign of impending birth. But finally – one week later – it started happening.

Juliet Birth 2

It did NOT go as she had planned, not that they often do. What was supposed to be an all-natural drug-free birth experience turned into a sunny-side up baby who couldn’t be pushed into the birth canal which then turned into meconium and low heart rate dips.

Juliet Birth 1

But regardless of the journey, the end result was the most beautiful baby girl named Juliet Banksy Dwyer.  And just like when my babies were born, it was true love at first sight. <3  At 7 days overdue, she weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz. Just perfection.

Juliet Birth 8

So that’s when the love affair began. They spent the weekend in the hospital recovering from the c-section and trying to figure out how to nurse.

Juliet Birth 3

It’s so neat to watch your kids become parents. I literally watched a mother and father being born. They were just like the rest of us were…elated, exhausted, unsure of how to do this, proud, and in love.

Juliet Birth 5

The other entity that was born Sims Freeplay Cheats that day is LOLLIE. That’s me, I’m Lollie. She will love her Lollie. car rentals . 🙂

Juliet Birth 4

Almost 6 weeks have passed since that weekend and writing about it still makes me emotional. How is it the most anticipated day in the history of days, and then over so fast??

Juliet Birth 6

Juliet Birth 7

I sure love this little family unit. So proud to watch them grow.




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