Milestone Session Prep Guide

Congratulations on booking a milestone session with us!


We are so excited about your upcoming session!

To be fully prepared for the best possible session, please review these guidelines and tips.

After reading this whole page, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!


Leslie 🙂


Leslie Amy Newborn Photographer
first birthday milestone photography
newborn photography
newborn girl photography

Every Session is Different 

Milestone sessions are fun, especially when we get to see their little personalities coming out! Unfortunately, sometimes “stranger anxiety” is kicking in and they aren’t all smiles like they are when at home with you! But we are very patient and will do all the tricks we know to get some smiles. We will also rely on your help! 🙂

newborn girl photography

Things To Definitely Bring


bottle or sippie cup of a drink


favorite snacks for baby (for bribing if necessary)


a special outfit (if applicable)

Things To Consider Bringing

pacifier newborn

A friend / spotter

If your baby is super mobile, you may want to bring someone to help wrangle and spot the baby while also having someone directly behind the camera helping them laugh. 

newborn photography wedding ring

a favorite toy or stuffy

If your baby has a sentimental favorite toy or stuffy that would look nice in a photo, feel free to bring it. 

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