Newborn Session Prep Guide

Congratulations on the Birth of Your New Baby!


We are so excited about your upcoming session!

To be fully prepared for the best possible session, please review these guidelines and tips.

After reading this whole page, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!


Leslie 🙂


Leslie Amy Newborn Photographer
newborn girl photography
newborn photography
newborn girl photography

Every Session is Different 

Each baby has a different disposition and different level of flexibility. I will work with your baby and what poses are comfortable to them. If you have a favorite pose, I will be happy to try it, but I can’t guarantee your baby will cooperate.

Some babies love being naked, some hate it.

Some babies love being swaddled snugly, some hate it.

Some babies love their feet up close to their face, some hate it.

The only thing I can guarantee is that you will get precious images of your baby!


newborn girl photography

Things To Definitely Bring


Your baby!


Milk for your baby!


Diapers/wipes if you use a special kind (I will have various brands available)

Things To Consider Bringing

pacifier newborn


Even if your baby hasn’t learned how to use one, they can be helpful sometimes to get them soothed into a pose.

newborn photography wedding ring

Mom's Ring

You can include your engagement ring between baby’s toes. Some have used a grandmother’s sentimental ring or a small family ring. 

conway newborn photographer

Nursery / Bedroom Decor

Sometimes small decor items in your baby’s nursery make nice props for a setup, such a bedding, wall decor, knick-knacks or monogrammed items. Please send me a photo of any items you are considering bringing.

newborn photographer

Sentimental Blanket

Sometimes a sentimental baby blanket, perhaps handmade by a grandparent, makes a sweet addition to the bowl setup. If you would like to use it as one of your setups, feel free to bring it. 

Session Day Checklist


Giving baby a bath (or sponge bath) is a good way to keep them awake for a little while on session morning.


Feed baby right before you leave for the session if possible.


Feed mama before you leave 🙂 Bring nutritious snacks if needed. We will have coffee, water, various sweet and salty snack foods.


Don't stress! Our session will be relaxed and fun!

Nursing Mamas:

Be Aware of What You Eat

As you may know, the foods you eat can change the makeup of your breast milk, and therefore affect your baby’s tummy, especially during the first few weeks. Every baby is different but there are foods that commonly cause discomfort to a new baby 12-48 hours after consumption by the breastfeeding mother. 


  • beans
  • tomatoes and tomato based products
  • spicy foods
  • broccoli and cabbage (any “gassy” food)
  • dairy foods
  • caffeine (use moderation)

Clear your afternoon schedule so you can rest after the session!

Parent + Newborn Images

little rock newborn photographer
little rock newborn photographer

If your session includes parent shots, my recommendation is simple and solid dark colors on the charcoal grey background or simple and solid light colors on the chestnut brown background.  A simple top is perfect.

Also, your fingernails will probably show, so plan accordingly!

newborn photographer

Sibling + Newborn Images

little rock newborn photographer
little rock newborn photographer

If your session includes sibling shots, my recommendation is simple and solid light colors for big siblings. I do have a selection of dresses in sizes 2T to girls 7/8, but any solid cream top or dress will work great. For big brothers, they can wear a solid top and jeans, or no shirt at all. 

Practice with your toddlers!

little rock newborn photographer

Sometimes when young toddlers are promoted to Big Sister or Big Brother, the first weeks can be hard. Please practice at home with them laying down and baby safely swaddled in their arms. (Please make sure baby’s head and neck are supported and do not leave them unsupervised.) 

little rock newborn photographer

Family + Newborn Images

little rock newborn photographer
little rock newborn photographer

If your session includes family shots, you can choose to wear black with grey background, or wear solid light with Chestnut background. Solid tops photograph MUCH better than stripes or patterns!

Makeup & Hand Tips! 

little rock newborn photographer

Parents, be aware that your fingernails may show in some of the images. Avoid chipped nail polish please. Neutral nails or subtle toned polish are preferred.
Also, please bring lip color to apply before your segment of the session. It photographs so much better than pale lips. 

If you have any blemishes that you want me to edit out, just let me know and I’ll take care of you 🙂 

little rock newborn photographer

Honoring your occupation or hobby

You may use one of your setups to honor an occupation, hobby or interest. 

little rock newborn photographer

Studio Location: 

2905 Collins Dr., Conway, AR 72034

Take exit #132 Baker-Wills on Interstate 40. Our studio is about 9 minutes from the exit. 

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